Target Specific Properties


NAntRunner is a Visual Studio .Net AddIn. It can be used to control NAnt builds directly from within Visual Studio without the need to switch to the command line. NAntRunner,

  • adds a build tree node for each .nant or .build file found in your open solution
  • reads NAnt file imports adding all reachable targets to a tree
  • puts targets with no description in the private sub-tree
  • allows you to run targets with a single click
  • redirects build output to the VS.Net build output window
  • allows you add target specific properties
  • allows you to filter targets with a simple show/hide methaphor
  • allows you to kill a running build process
NAntRunner can be downloaded from Sourceforge here.
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Editing Target Property
Viewing Target Property
Unfiltered Target Tree
Filter Setup
Filtered Target Tree